Do you need a Mini/Compact Circular Saw

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What Is Mini/Compact Circular Saw

What Is Mini/Compact Circular Saw

The compact circular saw is a small and powerful tool that is intended for quickly cutting of virtually any material with the proper blade. It was initially meant for cutting boards such as plywood, fiberboard and most other wood pieces found at the general hardware store. Like a standard sized circular saw, its central cutting system is a small metal blade with teeth on the edges of the disc, the motor in the machine causes the disk to spin and slice through almost any surface. One principle advance to these new compact circular saws is that they are so maneuverable that one should definitely think twice before even using a common handsaw since any job with the compact circular saw will be finished much faster.

Many woodworking jobs can be finished much faster with this type of tool. Why may you ask?

Once you add one of these mini workhorse saws to your tool chest, you’ll understand why it becomes difficult once you don’t have it available. Because of their exceptionally small size, it makes them easy to take to any every job site and they do become essential in any wood shop. Besides, allowing for much more control than a standard size circular saw, they are much more portable, manageable for newcomers to woodworking.