Tips on buying the best circular saw for you

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Tips on buying the best circular saw for you

Have you been wondering what is the best circular saw for a “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts like yourself? Or are you looking to replace that 10 to 15-year-old circular saw you bought as one of your first tools? In the last decade, circular saws have become a staple in most do-it-yourself home garages. If you haven’t looked at saws lately, you are in for a big surprise. From online hardware stores to the standard local hardware stores the selection has changed considerably. Now you have to know if you want cordless or corded, from standard size circular saws to micro saws, what cutting death you need, the amount of power and battery voltages for the cordless circular saws, and how much speed the motor has and that the motor’s speed can be controlled and adjusted.

Now let’s analyze and review the main points of most circular saws.

Cordless versus corded saws

If you’re to be doing just small jobs around the house, you might not need a pro version of a circular saw. But if on the other hand, you’re going to be doing a lot of small jobs or even larger projects around the house it’s wise to invest in a quality circular saw as this will give you a lot fewer headaches in the years to come. Why buy a crappy $25 saw and have problems after two weeks when instead you can buy an $80 saw that will last decades?

Since the two main power options are corded and battery circular saws let’s talk about these individually. With a corded saw, you’re always in any to carry extension cords and if the extension cord gets damaged in the middle of job you are the luck if you don’t have another extension laying around. And if you’re working or helping a friend and there is no power in the house, this is a big problem. Many times corded power tools are more powerful and cordless ones.

Corded Circular Saw Advantages:

Power – corded circular saws are generally more powerful than their cordless cousins.
Size of Blades – larger blades are available for corded saws.

Cordless Circular Saw Advantages:

Portability – you can take cordless saws almost anywhere, some of the newer cordless circular saws are very lightweight and are easy to take to any job.
Maneuverability – without having to worry about where the power cord is can be a great benefit on the job site or in your garage
Batteries – there’s a great selection from professional grade batteries to very simple once a year usage cordless circular saws.


How deep do you need to cut?

The saw’s cutting depth. Again, it’s important to understand what will be the primary use of your saw. Since the circular saw’s blade, is its principal component and this will affect the function of every piece of wood you cut, the saw’s cutting depth has to be a primary concern in your decision-making.

Cutting power.

If the saw is underpowered, you’ll be wasting your time, and time is money. When you go and visit the hardware store, you can find saws with different power ratings. Some of these will include the revolutions per minutes of the blade, the voltage of the battery, and the amperage of the motor. Power is usually the easiest tip to remember and to make, always buying the most powerful saw you can and that it is within your budget. Rule of thumb, the more power, the better – it’s really that simple.

Precision, controls, features and blade speed.

Like any power tool, circular saws come in a wide selection from a large number of manufacturers, and once you have some idea of the primary usage of the tool you need decide which of the many available features matter the most to you. Why waste money on things you don’t need? The one thing we recommend is regarding the saw’s precision and blade speed; these two aspects can help big jobs go much faster as you don’t want to be waiting around for cuts to be made. Another thing to remember is that it makes sense to have one high-quality tool instead of multiple tools that do a mediocre job.

In Conclusion – Understanding what you will be working on.

So instead of answering the question of which is the best circular saw in the market, it’s better to ask, which is the best circular saws for me, the individual. If you’re a general contractor, you know all the types of scenarios that you will be the with day in and day out at the job site. A good powerful circular saw is needed to perform the best job you can. The best circular saws need to have the power to cut through almost any type of material including wet woods without slowing the job down. And if being able to take the saw to many places is of great importance since you since you are constantly on the move; go with a great portable battery saw. While if you are always leaving the saw in your garage, this will not be a big deal, so it’s important to know how specifically you will be using your circular saw before you buy.